Patient Testimonials

The above picture was taken just before I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 64. I’d always had my PSA checked yearly and for 20 plus years I had no problem. Have always lived a very active life. Then bang!! Quick velocity to over 5.0. Time for a second test, then a PCA3. Bad news there, so had the biopsy with my local urologist. More bad news. Abnormal cells destined to become cancerous. Although in the middle of a PhD program, I went on a nationwide research crusade to find out everything possible about my cancer. Traveled to Mayo, UCI, Michigan, Emory, City of Hope, Loma Linda et al. Read everything I could get my hands on and interviewed numerous oncological surgeons. I knew that Di Vinci was the correct procedure for my circumstances, but came to understand that the surgeon was by far the most important key to a successful outcome. Then a second biopsy 6 months later and boom, I’ve got cancer. After all my research and considering different surgeons, several friends (who had excellent outcomes) strongly encouraged me to meet and consult with Jeff before I made my final decision. Almost at the last moment I did so and had a most unusual experience: within 10 minutes I KNEW that Jeff was to do my surgery. I have never encountered a more kind, compassionate, considerate and competent professional in my career. Before, during and after my surgery Jeff has been always available, remarkably communicative, patient and supportive. In addition to all of these accolades I must add the most important outcome for myself and my family: 100% cancer free for the past almost 3 years and as active and energetic as I’ve ever been. Although I may have screwed up his bell curve and my outcome isn’t guaranteed for everyone, I have never had any continence problems at all and more pleasing and surprising, my potency returned fully virtually immediately. I was very surprised that after traveling around the country for 6 months that the best surgeon I could find was right in my backyard at Hoag. Needless to say, I recommend Jeff enthusiastically and am happy to discuss my experience with any patient that might wish to do so.

Mark Chapin Johnson, PhD

My name is Kent Brawner of Corona del Mar, CA.  I was diagnosed, through biopsy, with early-stage prostate cancer in November of 2010 at the age of 58. Needless to say, I was shocked at this diagnosis as no one in my family had ever experienced cancer let alone prostate cancer. Of special concern was the fact that I had no symptoms of any prostate issue: all DRE’s were negative and my PSA was never above the 4.0 trigger-point.  It was only through the suggestion of my primary care physician, due to a relatively rapidly fluctuating PSA (up and down), that I agreed to a biopsy. Unfortunately, cancer (early-stage Gleason 6) was found in one of 8 samples taken.

Subsequent to the positive biopsy, I set forth to find a cure. I diligently researched all options available: radiation, seeds, watchful waiting, and surgery.  For me, it was clear that there was only one solution: surgery.  While all “fixes” had their merits, I was concerned about the accuracy of radiation, having radio-active seeds in my body, and the uncertainty of watchful waiting.  I knew, from extensive research and professional friends, that finding the “right surgeon” was the way to go.

After my extensive search, I finalized the names of the three surgeons that I would trust with my life. While all of my selected surgeons had terrific experience and outcomes, I ultimately chose the hands of Jeffrey Yoshida to remove my prostate. Why?  Dr. Yoshida had an outstanding track record, as verified through statistics and my extensive research.  Not only that, but Dr. Yoshida is known to have a bedside manner that exudes peace and confidence and a surgical team that is second to none.

As all of those diagnosed with prostate cancer can testify, the fear of the process and residual effects are terrifying.  That being said, however, I can tell you that my procedure and recovery were and have been remarkable.  I am well, cancer free, and fully functional!  Being the survivor of several back surgeries, I can tell you that I experienced zero pain with the robotic-assisted surgery – to the degree that I required no medication.  I was up and walking around just hours after the procedure and was out of the hospital the next day. I have no scarring from the procedure and it is difficult to tell from my body that I even had the surgery.

Of utmost importance to any prostate cancer surgery patient is the resumption of normal male functioning.  I am happy to report that I am continent and fully sexually functional with my wife of 36 years.  When I speak of my choice of surgeon, I can speak of Dr. Yoshida’s reputation, success record, and bedside manner, but it really comes down to one thing: “God led me to Dr. Yoshida.”

Kent Brawner
Corona Del Mar

The relationship with Dr. Yoshida began with a luncheon, a meeting with an old high school friend. He had just had a prostatectomy and when he learned that I had not seen a urologist in some time, actually made the appointment for me with Dr. Yoshida. My PSA was low but the DRE showed something else. I too had a robotic prostatectomy. The pre-surgical care, meetings with Dr. Yoshida and his oncologist nurse, Nancy Raymon, describing in detail what would happen during surgery and what to expect after, were realistic and reassuring. The care before, during and after surgery with Dr. Yoshida and his staff has been beyond anything I have ever experienced. Genuine concern for the whole of the patient. I have gone public with my experience and encourage all men to get their yearly exams. And I always recommend and refer to Dr. Yoshida. He is extraordinary as a surgeon and as a human being.

Harry Welch
Head Coach, Football
Santa Margarita Catholic High School
22062 Antonio Pkwy | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688