Nancy Raymon, RN, MN, AOCN

Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Nancy Raymon began her nursing career in 1972 with a bachelors degree from Arizona State University. Since completing her masters degree in oncology nursing in 1976, Nancy has worked exclusively in cancer nursing. After 36 years, during which she held clinical positions as well as leadership and management roles, Nancy again had the opportunity to work directly with patients as the Urologic Cancer Nurse Navigator at Hoag Cancer Center. From 2008 to 2012, she worked primarily with Dr. Yoshida in his practice. As Nancy says, “I’m thrilled to be able to continue to use the knowledge and expertise gained from working with Dr. Yoshida to guide more than 450 patients through their surgery and recovery. There is no reward like the experience of seeing patients through the challenges of cancer treatment and being a part of a medical team which truly values excellent care. I love what I do!”

You can reach Nancy Raymon at 949-294-4407 or

Sandy Pollet, RN

Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Sandy Pollet has been a registered nurse since 2000 and has specialized in the area of oncology ever since. For over a decade, she has helped coordinate care for cancer patients undergoing surgical, chemotherapy, & radiation treatments. Sandy has spent the bulk of that time directly administering chemotherapy, but also has experience as an oncology clinical research nurse and cancer support group facilitator. Since coming to Hoag in 2012 as a Urologic Cancer Navigator, she has concentrated in helping patients and their families navigate their way through the perplexing road of cancer care. As Sandy says, “Over the years, I have spent countless hours talking with cancer patients; most say the scariest thing is the unknown. By offering education, resources, coordination of care and emotional support, we help unveil the unknown. I am so grateful for being part of such a dedicated cancer team. We provide every patient with the most skilled care, but do so with a warm healing touch”.

You can reach Sandy Pollet at 949/764-1804 or email her at